Orvan Ox has been with ACME Delivery since the late 1990's and has been doing deliveries since 2000. In 2006 he started handling convention deliveries for ACME Delivery. The seemingly mundane work of parcel delivery somehow became a bit more, as not only did the recipient get something from the delivery, but it seemed that many others looked at it as a show.

It was not long before before people told him he needed his own web site. Surprised that ACME Delivery didn't already have a web site, he suggested that ACME Delivery get one, mentioning the inquiries and suggestions he had been getting. The idea was approved and Orvan was put in charge of developing this very site.

As many of the initial suggestions curiously were for an Orvan, rather than ACME, web site, it was decided to have a "Meet Orvan" section of the site. We at ACME hope you find this of some interest and have some fun. If you do, tell a friend and tell us, too. We like to hear about people happy with ACME. And if you are not pleased, please tell us. We need to know to change if something is wrong. Thank you.