Why get ACME?

ACME Delivery can help make your gathering even more memorable. Your guests will feel that much more special as they have receive delivered items. Your other guests will have also be amused by the delivery. Or, admittedly, sometimes relieved that a delivery is not for them. Each delivery gives your attendees something to photograph, or a story to tell. Of course, you don't have to be an event organizer to get ACME there. For example, author Michael Z. Williamson managed to get Orvan to deliver at LibertyCon in 2007.

You can show how much you appreciate your guests (of honor, or otherwise), staffers, or regulars. Or you can have a bit of fun with them with lighthearted shenanigans or humorous pseudo-vengeance. Either way, people will feel more a part of things as they see, and interact with, our delivery... ox.

What can Orvan do for a gathering?

First off, he delivers. But you already knew that. He also takes some time of his own to pass out candy, usually Cow Tales. Unless he's very busy with a delivery or deliveries, he's ready to pose for photos, hug or be hugged, and just generally interact with your guests.

Orvan can work within your schedule. Want something delivered at a specific event such as opening or closing ceremonies? Not a problem. As long as ACME, or at least Orvan, is informed in advance that can be arranged. Delivery is flexible. Have a last minute item to be delivered under the ACME name? That's not a problem, though with less notice sometimes the look of the packaging might not be up to the usual ACME standards. Much as we try, we cannot cover every contingency.

How do I get ACME for my event?

Why, you contact ACME of course! Alright, it's not necessarily quite that simple. You could have a look in back. Be sure you really want to look back there, it's a bit like looking behind the curtain in the Emerald City. If you're sure, just go through this door.